Monday, 13 February 2012

Yet another weekend passes by.....

It's Monday again.  We were going to go for a ride into the Botanic Gardens, but stayed in bed all morning instead.  Now, that's something I haven't done in years and years.  David felt guilty enough to take Jack on a huge walk and I felt stiff enough to do an hour of yoga.  I must search out some way of doing some weights.

We had a slow Saturday that included watching Fraser play basketball while Braden coached.  A good time was had by all, especially since they won.  Hooray!

The coach exhorting his players.  They are an under 13 team, some little, some big.  

And up goes Fraser!


That was followed by a lovely meal in Camberwell with Liz and Steve.  Oh the steak................

Yesterday we got out of the city and took a drive up the Hume to Euroa.  Now, we used to drive through Euroa everytime we came to Melbourne, until it was bypassed by the new Hume Freeway.  We didn't stop there often generally doing that at Albury.  The most memorable stop I had there was when BJ was only six weeks old.  The boys and I were popping down to Melbourne to introduce BJ around.  We'd taken off early in the morning (straight after his morning feed) and he'd slept all the way to Wodonga - four hours.  After a relaxing stop on the Murray River for a feed for BJ and a run for the the brothers we took off again. This trip was going well.  Two hours later BJ was awake again - screaming.  Thank the lord for Euroa and a lovely park on the Seven Creeks River - it hasn't changed at all in the intervening twenty years.

Sitting on the bank watching the ducks and the old Hume Highway

A picture perfect Little Corella. There were trees full of them.

BJ settled, we took off for Melbourne.  We were heading to Wantirna so we hung a left at Seymour and headed through the back.  An hour later we were in Yea with a screaming BJ. Oh dear, oh dear, the pattern was not looking good 4 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour...oh dear.  No amount of mother or brother was going to cheer him up so we took off through the Yarra Valley - Spagetti Bolognese (Peter Coombe was the 1990's precursor to The Wiggles) blaring through the stereo and Michael, James and I singing at at the top of our voices.  It was loud, very loud, very, very loud.  We were all a little shell shocked by the time we got to Wantirna and we missed the glorious views along the way.

This weekend we were driving alongside a large storm-front.
There was lightening and rainbows - an excellent metaphor for life.
I'm sure the driver in front of us with the the uncovered antique
three piece lounge in the trailer was pleased to be alongside the storm.

The Yarra Valley is famous got!

Some weather ahead down the valley

Regrowth from last years massive fires

More regrowth.  Notice how there are very few branches.
That's because they got burned off.
I love the regenerative powers of the Australian bush

The weekend finished with tomato soup and chicken sandwiches made from a beautiful sour dough rye bread from the award winning Yea bakery.  They have won heaps of awards for their pies, but only in the even years.  Perhaps the bakery at Berrima won during the odd years.

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