Thursday, 2 February 2012

Marking time

Still here! The fates have definitely organised it this way so we can catch up with people we haven't seen in a long time.  Usually we're too speedy when we are travelling and have tended not to catch up with non-SCA friends.

Last night was an exception.  We had a fabulous night with Steve and Robyna Davies, Hugh and Leonie Duncan and Richard Excell, part of the old choral society/gaming/everything group.  We were reminiscing about the evenings we had spent, some of the things we got up to and our children.  How on earth did that 25 years zoom past?  We all look the same of course, just a little greyer (or whiter in some cases) and saggier.  Is it really possible that we all have children in their twenties?  Surely not.  The biggest shock for me came when Hugh reminded us that he was now sixty.  Sixty!! What? How? When?  It's particularly weird because I was one of the youngest members of that particular peer group and, for the last 20 years, I've been one of the oldest.  Whoa!  I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for this.  Perhaps I should leave the country and ignore the inexorable march of time.

We visited another old friend today.  The Melbourne Zoo.  We used to hop on a train in Seaford and spend the day at the Zoo with James and Michael; when Michael was in the pusher and James was a little golden haired angel. David is still a huge zooaphile (if that's even a word) so off we went.

The weather was beautiful.  Mid 20s sunshine and a light breeze - just perfect.

I lurv giraffes!!!

Let sleeping lions..........

How can something so big be so invisible?


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