Sunday, 3 April 2016

After a long break a quick hello.

Gosh it's been a long time since I posted an update.  There is a draft sitting around waiting for me to remember where I was going with it, but in the meantime this is what we did yesterday..........

Me and this bloke....

Drove into Wadi Mistal

With this bloke
One old goat

And this lovely lass

An intrepid photographer

And saw some goats...well, we saw a lot of goats.

On sheer cliff faces

even sheerer (and higher) cliff faces
In trees

On Quad bikes

There were baby goats with the cutest tails

A very new goat with a very jaunty tail

And very happy goats

Smiley Omani goats

We saw men removing wandering wadi from the road

with palm fronds and shovels of course

Some grand vistas.  Some from high up.
The ubiquitous felaj system, but this time with hanging vegetation 

Some were far away (Wadi Mistal is HUGE!!)

with added ruin in the foreground
Some had villages nestled in them

al Qurah Village where I spied a young girl curled up on her window sill reading.

And in those villages, there were (apart from the goats)

Cats doing what cats do ie sitting next to the felaj watching the water.
It was a lovely, lovely day and finished with wine and beer in Ali and Bob's garden along with multitudinous chirruping birdlife an Henrietta - the world's most spoilt chook.  

Life is good.