The Rufe Dude and The Beej

The Rufe Dude chillin before work
400 miles north of Winnepeg

So to celebrate us leaving, the Beej has shaved and cut his hair.


BJ (right) and Mex at Christmas 2011 - Hairy as....
During the hair cut (actually this was my fave)
The finished product.

He's all grown up now
24 Jan 2012
A hairier Beej with Lizzie
The Rufe Dude and the Beej

Sir Rufus

Sir Rufus the softy

BJ by BJ

At Festival this year, David's squire was knighted.  We were very sad that we could not be there.  However one of our lovely friends (Thank-you Jenni) put up video of the the knighting.  This was wonderful in three different ways: We got to see Bart's knighting, we got to see the faces and hear the voices of some lovely friends and, best of all, we got to see BJ!  Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Stoner and Ysembart's Knighting