Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A lovely ride in the Melbourne sun

A lovely ride into the Melbourne Botanic Gardens has left me a little more relaxed and David...well David is still stressed to the max, even after a 20km round trip, and is about to take Jack for a walk.  It was great to get everything moving again.  I've been doing the odd bit of yoga, but that's about it.  The ride follows Gardiner's Creek and then the Yarra River.  It's a gentle ride with some very beautiful views.

Like this one looking back up the river

I have to say, riding underneath the South Eastern Freeway was an interesting experience after driving down it for so many years, I wasn't quite sure if the temporary path was going to tumble down.  Too much imagination I suppose.

We slothed around the Gardens for a while, drinking coffee, watching the ducks, that sort of thing, before wandering off around the verdant pastures.  What a beautiful day!  The sky was very blue in that gorgeous summer way, the trees were magnificently green and stood against the sky in defiance of the adage "blue and green should never be seen," even though they certainly weren't Irish Queens.  It was simply impossible to capture the colours with an iphone, so I'm afraid all I have is the light playing under a palm tree (it might have been a date palm, I couldn't, tell I was lying under it at the time).  You will notice that David, although lying down, is not his normal, laid back self.

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