Some ways I can feel connected to home

I do struggle with the dislocation that comes with being so far away.  The internet and facebook can fool you into believing that everyone is still just round the corner, but there are times when just how far away friends and family are really gets rubbed in.  Times when friends buy their dream home and I can't hop in the car and drive just an hour to see it before they begin to transform it (yes John and Sharon, I'm looking at you).  When friends are very sad and I can't give them a hug.  When friends are doing ALL the cool things and I can't join in.  When families suddenly grow bigger (size wise, not in number) and I can't change my memory of them.  When dear friends have babies and I can't get to cuddle them or smell their delicious baby necks.

So, I try and do things to keep connected and this page will (hopefully) show some of the ways I try to do that.  Apart from the knitted purse, which is on the main page, and the steady supply of money boxes of questionable taste that we send to Brooke - then she'd know what is coming.......  Besides, she'd love to show them to you any-time you're in Canberra ;-)

So, the first thing was embroidering the pelican patch for the lovely Kazzia Kelly (aka Duchess Gudrun).  After finishing the dreaded T-thing I spent some lovely hours (okay, so I'm slow) sitting on the day bed in my study stitching in green and white and remembering all the fabulous times I spent with her all over Australia.  How gorgeous she looked as the first Queen of Lochac.  How she would appear when I was Queen (as if by magic) just in time to stop me carrying things. Avoiding drinking with her because it was even more dangerous than drinking with either Rufus or Casa Celi.  Listening to her laugh and being very relieved that she never turned to me and said "Okay Mathilde, it's time to put on your viking garb." Because for her, I would do it.

Gudrun's Pelican Patch

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