Friday, 10 February 2012

Learning patience

What a splendid week!  We are, of course, still in Melbourne and having a loverly time.

I did indeedy hit the T thing and managed to mostly pull my brain out from wherever it was hiding.  Now I'm sort of back where I was before recitals hit.  I guess that's not too bad.......

Wally and Maree have come to our rescue and decided to buy our car.  Wally thinks he's going to get it after Maree's been driving it for two years - I don't think so.  So with a bit of a weight off our mind we wended our way up Rathdowne St Carlton to the lovely Claire Castle Hotel in search of some fish.  If you are ever in Melbourne and wondering where to get a beautiful meal, the Claire is the place to go.  I can highly recommend the fish of the day and the kipfler potato side dish is full of crunchy, salty goodness.  Top that off with a scrummy Victorian wine and an ever-so-slightly naughty dessert and you're set.  Actually David's dessert was more than a little naughty and only the second time a chocolate dessert has sent shivers up and down his spine (the first was in Brussels).  The company is pretty good too, and the owners (hello Nihil family!)

The highlight of the week was seeing my nephew inducted as Senior House Prefect at Wesley College, with his very proud mother being the one to hand over his badge and tie.  For those who don't know her, Liz is the IB coordinator and senior maths teacher at Wesley college.

Reading the first address

Proud Mum

Proud Grandparents

Proud Aunty and Uncle (short Aunty and Uncle)

You may notice that my nephew is huge.  Yes, yes he is.  Only two of the Addicoat sister's sons are under six foot at the moment, and neither of them have hit their mid teens growth spurt yet.  Gracious family reunions are going to be shady.

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