Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tinkering away

Now we actually know what is holding us up (you'll have to check out David's blog for that) things have settled a little.  We still don't have a date, but we'll just keep on keeping on.

I've been revving up the work side of things, trying to get a handle on a photographic biography, which is slowing coming - I'd say together, but I think just plain old coming is more accurate.

I've hit Curves with Liz and started a 10 days for $10.  It's a little odd using resistance machines, but I'm getting there, although the leg press resistance machine really doesn't manage to work my legs anywhere near like pumping 180kgs.  I am certainly building up a good sweat.  You only get out of it what you put into it and my system needs a bit of a shake up. The main problem is that it is mostly on your feet and my knee is hating it. I've added in some ab work in between resistance machines by throwing myself on the floor and going for it.  Noone has tried to stop me so I think it's alright, but it hasn't really help the old knee. I think I may have over done it on the ride last week and then aggravated it at Curves.  I've done three days in a row and I think tomorrow might be a rest day, perhaps with some yoga or pilates.  Braden is planning on bringing his boxing glove and pads home from Craig's tomorrow, so we might have a little nephew on aunty fun.

Today we went on an adventure into the State Library of Victoria.  David has pretty much been leaving me to my work and being a tourist, but he decided I needed to see the library.  He was right.  The loveliest surprise was the dome.  They've uncovered it and let the sunshine in.  It looks spectacular, full of light and beauty.  I know it's based on the Library of Congress.  Up until now I thought the LoC was more impressive.  With the sun streaming in the State Library wins hands down.

The dome with its new acrylic windows.
Now, no bits of ceiling will fall on unsuspecting researchers.

And the sun fills the room
How fantastic is that?!

 The library has a couple of fabulous exhibitions on at the moment.  The history of Victoria has Ned Kelly's armour, but I couldn't go past the books.
Ironic photo of the day.
The Torah and The Koran side by side in the same case.
The bible was in the next case.

Durer's proportions

From the library we hit Hoyts (what! two visits to the cinema?) to see One for the Money.  If you've read Janet Evanovich, won't be disappointed.  It's never going to win an oscar, but for a fun way to spend 11/2 hours, you can't go wrong.

One of the biggest shocks of the day was Museum station- Central station as it's now called.  Now, you must bear in mind that I haven't got off a train at this station for around about 35 (yes 35) years.  It's changed a bit...more than a bit...okay, alot.  If you'd drugged me and dropped me there I would have had absolutely no clue where I was.  No clue at all.  Somewhere in the USA I would have thought.  I didn't even remember there was a shot tower anywhere near there.  I mean, good grief, arrggghhh!  It used to be grungy and dirty and all the way up Swanston St!  I knew the Queen Vic hospital had been pulled down, but there was nothing there last time I rambled through.

One shot tower, which I'm presuming used to be outside
this particular dome

Where's David????  He's there, you just have to find him

So having suddenly discovered that time doesn't actually stand still when you leave a city - it was only 22 years, really -  I am wonderng what will happen once we've left a whole country behind.

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