Monday, 6 February 2012

Laying Low

What a splendid weekend of dinners with friends who we don't usually dine with, lunches with sisters, watching a nephew get broiled during Gridiron try-outs and helping another nephew re-write the three billy goats gruff.  It's lucky that Frazer had it all under control, the grown ups may have been a touch on the silly side.

The weekend started on the slightly restful side (see below) and culminated with meeting Braden's lovely girlfriend Emily (what is it about Emilys?  I seem to have had a lot of them in my life recently and they're all particularly gorgeous) and eating spagetti and meat balls .  What more do you need?

Fraser, Murphy and Braden - it's a tough life
I have finally knuckled under and pulled out the pilates DVD.  Murphy thought it was great, but was a trifle put out each time I took up her end of the mat.  So this morning involve two walks to the shops, knee exercises (I rather sensibly asked Steve his thoughts on my stupid left knee and he suggested one legged squat - which are already making a big difference) and half an hour of pilates.  I'm feeling very self satisfied.  Now to hit the T-thing.

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