Tuesday, 17 January 2012

T minus 2 (or 3) days!!!

Well, are we going or aren't we going?  Still no word from Oman.  Panicky?  Me?  Surely not.  It's going to be very odd if we're still sitting here on Friday.

More exciting news.  BJ is not in the slightest bit eligible for Youth Allowance (sigh) even with his parents upping stakes and leaving.  After a long conversation with CentreLink it transpires that he can apply for Newstart when he turns 21 in April.  Of course no-one mentioned this to him when they sent him off home with a form for us to fill in for Youth Allowance (sigh).  Luckily he has been applying for jobs all over the place and has a trial at Kingsley's today..........belay that, it turns out that the communication of Kingsley's is as good as anywhere else.  He had an interview (finger's crossed).

David is off at his farewell lunch.  I'd really like to crawl into a corner and have a weep.  Instead I'll pop over to Libby's house and play with the loom - but first some more packing.

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