Friday, 20 January 2012

Officially Homeless and Unemployed

Limbo is interesting.  I just spent the morning lounging around, taking my time to get up, slowly pottering - on the outside that is. The habits of a life-time are completely inescapable after only a few hours and I can't sit still.  It is nice to do not very much though.

We're both now immunised against HEP A & B and Typhoid.  That was another expensive little surprise when David's cut finger and extracted tooth looked like they were turning gangrenous yesterday. This led me to realise that our health insurance was about to be suspended.  A quick dash to Medibank Private revealed that I had gone in just in time and then I crashed their system.  Oh well, they were very nice about it and we do have cover for the next two weeks.

Back to doing nothing.......

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