Tuesday, 31 January 2012

And now to Melbourne

Well, Geelong is still Geelong.  Nice place to visit.........
We spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing, except replacing the camera and buying a new toy for David - cute little roll-up blue ray keyboard. My nephew Fraser described it as bubble wrap........

Gran is now more Facebook literate and her computer has been cleaned up, defragged and Skype removed.  She also has instructions not to reload Skype until a new computer has been purchased, one that can actually run more than one thing at a time.  Just having skype idle in the background made her computer impossibly slow - something I'm well aware of with my little Del netbook (or postie's bike as Bart so aptly describes it).

Quality time was had with Gran and Pa, Andrew and Debbie and young Jordon accompanied by his young girlfriend Sky. Far, far too much time was spent watching the tennis.  David and I managed to watch more tennis in this last week than we have in our entire married life.  The things you do for quality time with your family.

Pa and Gran Hunt

Andrew and Debi Hunt

We arrived at Liz's place in Ashburton to an empty house (with the exception of the new stomach support system Murphy) and proceeded to take outrageous advantage of the quiet.  David sprawled and I knitted; all the while paying proper attention to Murphy.  We hadn't seen Liz's new floor and I approve wholeheartedly with her selection

Murphy, for whom any movement means a cat is going to be fed.

Lounging on leather gazing out over the new floor, the revamped deck into the back yard.  Gosh our family does good back yard (If you want to see the view from the back of the Hunt's you need to look at davids-dribblings.blogspot.com.au he's been playing with the new camera) .

We're still waiting.  The new contract has been signed and sent, so there should be movement at some point.  Neither of us are very good at the waiting game and both of us don't quite believe that the whole thing is real.  It's hard to settle to learn some Arabic or work on the T-thing in this sort of limbo.  Well, it's good for our moral fibre they say.  It will happen when it happens and hey, being taken out of your comfort-zone is an adventure isn't it?

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