Sunday, 9 September 2012

Not dead, just working!

Hello all!

Just so you all know that I'm still alive I thought I'd better write a post.  It's been a while and lots of water has trickled under quite a few bridges.

Life is still lovely here in the wilds of the Middle East, I'm just working to a real and mighty deadline to get the thesis done and in.  It's due to be submitted on 2 January 2013, so I am working pretty much full time on on meeting that deadline.  If I can't meet this one, the thesis doesn't go in - unless it has a doctor's certificate to say why not.  So, in it must go.

As usual I am incapable of emptying my brain onto the page and editing it later, so it is a hard, hard slog.  Popping off and writing in a blog seems like cheating, so I'm avoiding doing it.  I hope nobody minds too much.  We will be back to business in January.  David is of course still blogging, so make sure you keep up with him :-)

Maybe I'll be able to put up the occasional picture so that you can see we're alive.

Wish me luck!

David doing what he does best
Walking - in Namur

The oldest church in Luxembourg - built into the rock 

Just so you're sure of where we were
An arty beer shot

Luxembourg is a touch picturesque...just a touch.


  1. I certainly do wish you luck, and focus, and excellent composition skills

  2. Much good luck being wished

  3. Glad to hear you are alive! Luxembourg does look beautiful. I was seven when I went there... My brother lived there for a year some time ago. I was thinking about you today, and that there hadn't been any updates for a while! How's that for spooky??