Saturday, 14 July 2012

Time to Knuckle Down

Well, the moment has come.  I have an absolutely final date on the doctorate 1 January 2013, no more extensions.  So life is going to be mostly house bound for the next five months with only a couple of exceptions.  Visits to the gym, morning coffee on Monday mornings (aka sanity break), maybe (if I'm very good) book group meetings once a month and oh, that's right - a two week visit to Europe to visit Kiriel and cheer Christoph on at his wedding!  Luckily (depends on how you look at it really) we booked the tickets before word came through of the deadline, so we couldn't change our minds.

It's a little bit exciting really.  We'll be flying into Amsterdam midweek and David will be catching up with some Customs blokes (he's suggesting a tour of the port of Rotterdam - I think I might be in a museum that day) and then on to Brussels for more catch up with Customs blokes for David and some touristing for me.  I think there might be a visit to the Musical instrument museum in my future.......
Then things get a little blurry and, if David has anything to do with it, very fast.  A wander down to Namur to visit the nuns who look after medieval gold works, a visit to Luxembourg and its millions of castles (which apparently will only take an afternoon) and then on into France just because.  I think we're planning to hit Geneva Monday or Tuesday and throw ourselves on Kiriel's mercy.  We can visit all of Geneva and its surrounds in a few days I'm sure.  Up to Basel and then back to Geneva and home.  I'm sure the planning will turn into real planning soon, so if you've got any suggestions, let me know.

In the meantime I'd better look into some cat sitters.  Speaking of cats (notice how I deftly slipped them into the conversation - good hey?) the two kitties are getting along like a house on fire.  They are eating in the same place, using the same kitty litter and playing like maniacs.  Button's nose is a little out of joint, but she loves the company and our kitty cuts are mending.  I don't look quite so much like a battered wife anymore.  Bluey is slowly getting to like people and to trust us a bit more (at the moment he's trying to work up the courage to jump on the keyboard - nope, chickened out, off to wreak havoc in the study cupboard) and even curled up next to David in bed last night
Blurry but beautiful

One out of joint nose and a forgotten tongue

Then this morning, while I was doing the dishes..................................................................................

Mmmmm, they can get up to all sorts of things when left to their own devices.  The toilet paper was stolen from the cupboard that was left ajar when David fed them earlier.  Bluey is rapidly finding all the toys Button has lost and hiding in places she can't fit into any more.  Let's just say that they are either playing or sleeping, not much in between.

In other news, David is off visiting border stations for the next week.  There will be no excuses for not getting work done! 

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