Sunday, 8 April 2012

Distant voices

Our weekend started on Thursday at 4:30am with phonecalls to BJ (for his 21st birthday), parents and my sister (51st birthday).  A good way to start a weekend.

It's amazing what a difference hearing voices makes.  These days we can communicate instantly all over the world. This week I've chatted live with my nephew (hi Fraser!), James and George, and Stanford and Maia.  I've written my blog and I've facebooked along with the best of them, not to mention texting.  But nothing quite beats the sound of someone's voice at the end of a telephone. In the absence of sight, we really need sound to confirm reality; at least I do.  Maybe once I delve into the world of Skype that will be even better.

I really enjoyed the quick catchup with mum, dad and Judy, hearing BJ sound so much more relaxed and happy than he has sounded recently, the natter in the car park while picking up David (it was 35 degrees and sweltering, but I didn't feel a thing - thanks Michelle!).  Little natters with people who know you really well just can't be beat.

The sounds in the Muscat are very different to the sounds in Canberra.  There's the constant tooting (like New York, drivers like to talk to each other with their horns), children playing, a peacock squawking, the rooster over the back crowing (not to mention his wives laying), Indian miner birds yelling, sparrows twittering, cats fighting.  But overarching all of it is the ever-present call to prayer.  That alone tells you that we are somewhere not quite familiar. I thought I'd share with you dusk in my tiny backyard.  You can hear the mosque across the road, but if you listen closely you can hear other calls wafting in on the breeze.


  1. Hi hon, I must be doing something wrong, tried to watch/listen to your video (was logged in and everything) but it's telling me the video is private.... Help!

  2. I watched it. How lovely to have that little patch of green. The call to prayer is sounds rather peaceful to me.

    I do hope you return to good health soon!